Our approach of a holistic approach enables comprehensive planning, saves costs and relieves the client. We have given new content to the terms flexibility and constructiveness.


founded the company 01.09.1987 building engineer, CEO

BM DI Christoph Gangl

managing partner since 01.01.2024

project manager since 07.01.2009

Jennifer Mlak

executiv assistant since 03.05.2021

Danko Rivic

chief technical CAD designer since 01.06.2004

Herbert Treiber

technical engineer and project manager since 05.11.2007

Ing. Semir Ramadani

technical engineer since 04.09.2017

Ing. Cathrin Weishapel

technical engineer since 03.09.2018

Maria Rybansk√°

team assistance & reception since 01.10.2001

Ing. Johann Hattmannsdorfer

technical engineer

Karin Pelz

senior assistant