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September 2018
Mrs. Cathrin Weishapel supports our project leaders an CAD team and she is responsible for our Wiener Wohnen projects.

August 2018
Mr. Michael Beneder supports our team in making B1301 reviews, local construction supervision and tendering.

The team celebrated the 30-year anniversary in beautiful Prague.

September 2017
We engange Mr. Semir Ramadani for enforcing our technical department & project management. He worked over 1,5 years as junior expert at our construction project Birago Kaserne in Melk on-site.

July 2016
Mr. Andreas Fassl supports our projects leaders and CAD team and he ist responsible for our Wiener Wohnen projects. He successfully passed the examination as a Bachelor in Architecture at the TU Vienna in 2017 – the Master ist following in 2019.

31st August 2012
Together with our clients & partner we celebrate our 25-year anniversary in the vinery from G.&H. Nigl, one of our realized projects.

August 2011
We engange Mr. JĂĽrgen Ulrich for enforcing our technical department & project management.

January 2009
For supporting our technical department Mr. Christoph Gangl joins our team. After his master study at the FH Campus Vienna for building engineering and management, he successfully passed the examination as a master builder in March 2018.

Together with our clients we celebrate the football EM 2008 final party on the “fanmile Forstner” with public viewing, music & dining.

May 2008
Marina Markl-Mallin supports our team as a team assistant & receiptionist.

August 2007
We move to our new office in the Stadion Center and celebrate our 20-year anniversary.

October 2006
Mr. Johann Hattmannsdorfer enforces our team in quantity survey, tendering and auditoring.

June 2004
Mr. Danko Rivic takes on the job of CAD-works and is responsible for submission-, execution-, detailed- and inventory planning in our office.

October 2001
Mrs. Maria Puss joins our team for administrative support.

November 1997
After finishing his expert witness degree engineer Forstner is sworen into office.

We celebrate our 10-year anniversary together with our customers on Pogusch in Styria.

October 1992
For solving the increasing administration Mrs. Karin Pelz joins the crew as a secretary.

Architect and Engineer Mr. Erich Forstner founds the company as a sole operator and moves into his first office 1988 in the 20th district of Vienna in Bäuerlegasse.